Rock Star Hibachi


Hibachi Catering has taken off in the last couple of years. Let’s Hibachi was one of the first in the country to do it and in some cites we were the very first hibachi catering company. And while we believe we are the best Hibachi company in the country there are other good companies out there to choose from. We think that fair competition is healthy in any industry and will only motivate us to improve even more!  

However there are some companies that are dishonest and cross ethical lines in an effort to shortcut success. The company Rock Star Hibachi popped up recently as yet another copy cat to our service. 

Predictably they stole our website layout, our logo idea, our tagline, our party estimator and even copied exactly word for word the pages from our website. Now while annoying its not uncommon that if you’re the best in your industry competitors will try to copy (in this case, exactly copy) what you’re doing.

But Rock Star Hibachi went to another level, crossing the line from competition to criminal. They somehow were able to steal our customer list and started sending our customers unsolicited emails pitching their services. We have since found out that they have been doing other unscrupulous things and interfering with our business and customers. 

So this is a just warning for all our customers. If you are contacted by a company called Rock Star Hibachi and they are soliciting your business or claiming to be affiliated with us do not interact with them. If you are a previous customers of ours they did not have permission to access our customer list and contact you.

If you have been contacted by them please email us. With a screenshot of the communication we can offer you 30% off your next party to make up for this company spamming you. Contact Us. 

You can find their logo below. 

Thanks again for all your support and once again we apologize if you have been getting spam message from this company.

RockStar Hibachi
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