Gift Rules

These rules are regarding the Gift Card offer you were mailed in December of 2023.

As a previous customer and friend of Let’s Hibachi we wanted to find a special way to thank you this Holiday Season!

That is why we sent you this exclusive gift of $100 to be applied to your next Let’s Hibachi Party.

You are free to use this gift card towards your own party or you can give it to a friend or family member as a present.

To use the card simply put in your unique code when you book the party. Enter it in the Promo Code field in our booking form.

Here are some details about this gift its rules, limitations and restrictions.

This card is only valid for parties before June 30th 2024. For this gift card to be applied, the party its going towards cannot be after that date.

The gift card can only be used one time. You have a unique code. Once it is used it cannot be used again.

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