Exclusive for Gas Monkey ONLY!

$100 Gift For Your Own Hibachi Party!

As a thank you for having us at your work celebration we are offering you an exclusive gift card for your own Hibachi party!

Use Promo Code: GasMonkey100 when you book to redeem. 


Our Service


$60 per Adult - $30 per child Party minimum $600 Possible travel charges - first 20 miles free. See FAQ for more pricing details


Our highly trained Hibachi Chefs cook a delicious meal for your whole party while keeping everyone entertained with a fun interactive show with dinner.


Chicken NY Strip Steak Shrimp Scallops Salmon Tofu Filet Mignon (+$5.00) Lobster Tail (+$10.00) Each guest gets 2 Proteins.


Fried Rice Fresh Vegetables Side Salad Signature Sauces Sake We do not provide any other drinks besides sake.

Lets Mobile Hibachi Panama City

Let's Have Fun

Your entire party is going to be laughing, participating and having fun with our engaging and entertaining chefs. 

With egg toss, grill tricks, zucchini toss, drinking games and more everyone will have a good time.

Hundreds of Online Reviews

The chef was awesome and we were very entertained!! By the end of the night, I felt like the chef became a friend!! The food was delicious. Even the fried rice was super yummy.
Yelp Review
Our chef was hilarious and everyone, adults, kids and even the teenagers had a fun time and were participating. He also created a delicious meal right in front of our eyes.
Google Review
I've attended two Let's Hibachi parties and both were amazing!! What is there not to love about hibachi parties? The food is great, you don't have to leave your house, and you get to bring your own drinks!
Yelp Review

Deal Details

This promo code is exclusive to employees of Gas Monkey only. 

This gift card cannot be combined with any other deal or special promotion. 

You can book your party date up from now until up to 6 months from now.  (June 30th 2024) 

This code is valid until the end of June 2024. After that date we can no longer accept the $100 towards your Hibachi Party.  

Our parties have a minimum of $600 (about 10 adults) So if you booked a party with a total of $600 the price with this deal would be $500. So the party must still at least meet the minimum before the gift card can be applied. For example you cannot book a party for 5 people $300 and then apply the $100 Gift card. The party must be at least $600 and then the $100 gift is applied to your total over the $600. 

Possible Travel fee and chef tip is not included. 

You can get a good estimate for your party here:  https://letshibachi.com/free-estimate/ then just apply $100 off to that total and it should be a very close estimate to what you can expect the total price of your party to be. 

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